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If Carlsberg made holiday cottages

…it would be Douglas’s Barn Not being great telly advert addicts we didn’t quite get the gist of this comment left by a guest today but – judging by his warm appreciation of everything – guessed it was complimentary. Janet and Carol, being more up in the world in these things, assure us that it [...]

Facelift for our barns

We really try hard to keep our looks, as far as the barns are concerned. (The humans are much more relaxed, or perhaps merely fatalistic.) Every year Jason and Stuart touch up the paintwork in the barns, usually doing the kitchens and bathrooms, sometimes a ceiling or transforming some of the pine woodwork – whatever [...]

Green Inspection: How Green Are We?

I always remember my sister retorting to a perceived put down ‘You know, I’m not as cabbage-looking as I’m green!’. We’ll, I don’t know about cabbage looking but let’s hope the Inspector for the Green Tourism in Business thinks we’re at least a bit greenish. As you know, we don’t want to become green bores [...]

Leg and Weather update

The weather is grey, cold and this evening threatening to hail. But all is not lost: the clumps of snowdrops in front of the house are out, and our daffodil stalks shooting up daily. Leg-wise, things are improving even more dramatically. The bright blue ‘Scotch-cast’ is off, the crutches (almost) hurled away and I am [...]

An unforgetable experience

We love dogs, and dog owners, and really love to welcome them to Tom’s Barn. For ten years we have had the privilege of welcoming model dog owners, with well-behaved and well-controlled dogs. We could never understand why many other holiday cottage owners shuddered at the thought of accepting dogs. We now know why. We [...]

Sunshine after all the snow

Just a brief, sunny, update. At last, after over a month we have warm (?) sunshine and not a bit of snow to be seen apart from the rather sad relics of our igloo. The igloo picture by the way actually made the Ashbourne News Telegraph this week see Nick on Parwich.org. The fresh burst [...]

Mary's Meals

All this talk and thought of food… We have just made a minuscule Gift Aid Donation of £10.11 to Mary’s Meals. To our dismay, but also delight, we discover that £10.11 will feed one child a nourishing meal at school for over a year and a half… We had pledged to donate any commission we [...]

Slow Cooking

We bought a slow-cooker for each barn several months ago. Partly we were being green but really it was because, loving good food ourselves, we thought that to be able to go out all day, and come home to delicious smells and a beautiful meal cooking is almost the height of luxury. Have a soothing [...]

Good Food and Real Ale

We have just taken delivery of a copy each for our barns’ bookshelves of the 2010 Good Food Guide, Good Pub Guide and Real Ale Pub Guide; delighted to report that nearly all of the places to eat that we recommend make one or other of the guides. Please let us have your reactions, and recommendations [...]

If you are wondering about the weather…

Here are some useful websites for guests who are due to visit in the next few days and who may be feeling anxious about the weather and conditions on the roads: Keep an eye on our website and don’t hesitate to ring for latest conditions Look on the Parwich website for pretty up to date [...]