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Update after a long silence!

Having just launched the new Blog & Gallery John and I promptly went away for ten days which was hardly efficient but was just the way it turned out. All being well things will start ticking over again. Meanwhile, a short bringing-up-to-date… We had a wonderful family get-together in the French Alps (Les Gets in [...]

The new Tom's Barn Blog & Gallery

And just what is a blog, we’ve been asked? And why do you need something when you’ve already got a website? Well, we probably don’t really but we are very excited all the same at the idea of having the two different species  running side by side, complementing each other. As we see it our [...]

Tom’s Barn Availability

There is only one gap (thanks to someone having to move their booking to another date) in Tom’s Barn  this year – the first midweek break in December Monday 1 to Friday 5. See here for the latest update on availability for Tom’s Barn.

Douglas’s Barn Availability

The only available date in Douglas’s Barn this year is the week or two short breaks during the week Monday 8 to Monday 15 December 2014.

My summer swallow fetish

 I spent the summer trying to achieve the impossible. The results you can see in the photo gallery. On the Home page top right click on Photo Gallery by the little green camera symbol. On the Photo Page click on the first photo in the gallery you want to visit (in this case, Swallows). For a [...]

Reader's Tip in BBC Countryfile Magazine Dec 2009

We had hoped to be able to give you a link to the BBC Countryfile Magazine feature on the Peak District where this Reader’s Tip appears,  but have discovered that this is not possible. Although there is a website  one cannot access articles (nor readers’ tips!) because otherwise I imagine they’d never sell any magazines. [...]

Douglas’s Barn

Since the new iPad – pre-loaded with weblinks to helpful local sites to ensure you can make the most of your time here – we had both barns redecorated from top to toe earlier this year. We also have a new table in the kitchen and an extending magnifying mirror in the bathroom.

What’s Happening in Parwich

For the latest local news, what’s on locally, weather updates, lots of John’s photos over the last couple of years and all the latest information about Parwich, visit the village blog

Tom's Barn Blog and Gallery going live!

We’re poised, on tenterhooks, about to go live and by the time you read this we will be… Our  ‘blog’ is now a grown up fully revamped Blog and we are trusting it will eventually be as much fun as we hope. Jeremy Brough, our wonderful webdesigner friend, and we, have worked hard on this [...]

Tom's and Douglas's Barns entry on TripAdvisor

This post was originally written in Sept 09; we now have had three comments and all being well will soon have a few more! The Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn TripAdvisor entry is live at last, and we are no longer listed as being in Teeside, which is a help! It certainly confused people, including [...]