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The Story of our holiday cottages: The Birth

Transition traumas and triumphs: Looking back on it now the process seems to have happened quite quickly, but it did not at the time. We agonised over how to achieve the best possible use of our redundant farm buildings. We needed a self-contained ‘house’ for Marion’s father, Douglas, next door to ours; next door to [...]

The story of our holiday cottages: The Dream

First Stage: In April 1983, having bought Orchard Farm – a wreck (but with exciting potential) with its derelict farmhouse and almost as derelict barns and outhouses, our one and only thought was getting it habitable  – with plenty of ideas, a very limited budget, and Peak Park rigid planning restrictions. We had the builders [...]

Snippets from Tom's Barn Visitors' Book

“Cottage and Marion’s Bakewell Tart as wonderful and fantastic as the Derbyshire Dales!” Sept 09 “Our third stay in Tom’s Barn, and it’s as lovely as ever.” “ We’ve had the most perfect week, eating, walking, relaxing… We really appreciated all the thought which has obviously gone into making it a real home form home.” [...]

Snippets from Douglas's Barn Visitors' Book

“ What a pleasure to come to a ‘cottage’ which actually lives up to its 5 Star billing! Excellent.“ Aug 2009 “Another great week in our favourite hideout!” Aug 09 “We have had a lovely week in this exceptional cottage – a real home from home – but with a peacefulness and tranquillity beyond words.” [...]

Vistrac Online Guests' Survey: the background

Background: We registered in summer 2008 with a firm based in Edinburgh which conducts independent online Visitrac surveys for holiday cottage owners, amongst others.  We really want to ensure that you like what we are doing, and if not, why and what we could do to improve things? We liked the idea of the responses [...]

How Green are We? 2009 Inspection

We were daily awaiting our ‘green’ inspection all summer; in fact the Green Business in Tourism inspectors were very keen to come the same day as the QiT inspector was scheduled to come. We thought that too much of a good thing, certainly for us and even more certainly for our poor guests who were [...]

QiT (Quality in Tourism) Inspection 2009

We had our annual QiT inspection in June this year. Both barns had guests in them which can’t make it easy for the inspector but we are assured they are thoroughly experienced and trained in being able to tell what is old and what is recently lived in as far as cleanliness is concerned. Anyway, [...]

Thank you both (and Boots!)

“Thank you both (and Boots!) for such a memorable and enjoyable stay. I think I said that Derbyshire has always been a place we passed through before, on the way to somewhere else, but we quickly discovered how much we’d been missing out on. Of course, I don’t think we could have had a better [...]

Let time stand still and relax

“Having read  both “Tom’s Barn” and the Parwich village website for the past year we knew exactly what to expect from our stay.    The complimentary comments by previous guests confirm that your visit is going to be one of immense pleasure. However none of the printed words explain the recipe for Marion and John’s success, [...]

We certainly felt that we had hit the jackpot

Just to reassure you – these are totally unsolicited comments from guests who have either offered or agreed that we should put them on the blog; we’ll never publish a message without your express suggestion and/or agreement. Random phrases and short comments such as we put at the bottom of many of our web pages [...]