Little Extras at Tom’s Barn & Douglas’s Barn

Our aim is to make both our barns the sort of holiday cottages we would ideally love to stay in ourselves, where you feel really welcome and well-cared for, where you feel instantly at home.

If you want an exhaustive List of what you’ll find see the inventories

If you would like to see a General list of what to expect see What you will Find

Below is a probably incomplete list of what our guests all call the ‘Little Extras’.

We thought they were normal hospitable courtesies, but apparently you don’t always get them when you stay in a holiday cottage.

  • We will personally greet you (no cold dark cottage with keys left under the mat).
  • The lights will be on, music playing, fire lit/on when it’s cold
  • You will find fresh flowers and a welcoming tea tray with a freshly (home-) made cake or biscuits.
  • Staple fresh foodstuffs (some owners call this a ‘Welcome Hamper’) such as a loaf of bread, a pint of milk, some butter, homemade marmalade and half a dozen freshly laid local farm eggs.
  • There is also flour, sugar rice etc, tea and coffee; salt pepper, olive oil and some dried herbs and spices.
  • Each barn has its own mini herb garden in a pot by the front door
  • You will find all household staples such as loo paper, dishwasher tabs etc
  • Masses of books to read, walk books, guide books and maps
  • You will always find the current edition of the local ‘stunner’ otherwise known as the Ashbourne Daily Telegraph, Derbyshire Life and the Radio Times.
  • FreeSat TV Tom’s Barn
  • Sky TV Douglas’s Barn
  • TV in the bedroom with remote control)
  • Digital bedside radio
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet access
  • An Apple iPad for your use, already programmed with lots of weblinks to useful local websites.
  • Landline telephone for your own use (with an ‘honesty’ box).
  • Bicycles to borrow
  • Binoculars (not very good ones but better than nothing!)
  • We can arrange for a newspaper to be delivered in the morning, in time for a leisurely read over breakfast (this does need to be paid for!)
  • If you pre-order a delivery from Waitrose or Riverford Organics we will put everything away for you before you arrive

And finally, two negatives:

  • No notices everywhere telling you what you can and can’t do
  • No hidden extras and nasty last-minute surprise bills
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