Access Statement


Our Access Statement is an attempt to provide a clear and honest picture of our holiday accommodation at Orchard Farm, so that potential guests can assess for themselves whether either barn would be a suitable or happy choice for their own particular needs.

Our two self catering cottages for two, Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn are very attractive, and very popular, in a beautiful area popular particularly with walkers, but there is no denying their unsuitability for anyone with mobility problems or very poor vision, or anyone totally dependent on public transport and other amenities.

When you have read the statement below, please do not hesitate to ring us up to discuss any queries you might have, or what we might be able to do to enable you to be able to enjoy a stay here.

We converted both cottages from redundant 18C barns attached to our own house which is situated on the edge of a very quiet rural Peak Park village seven miles from the nearest town, Ashbourne.

The possibilities available to us when converting the barns were significantly limited by:

  • the internal space available
  • Peak National Park planning regulations restricting any changes to the exterior of the building
  • the necessity because of the limited space available for a small but deep bath in Tom’s Barn which can only be accessed by climbing up two steps
  • the remote – although very attractive – location of Parwich

We have therefore always acknowledged, albeit with very real regret, our limited appeal and/or suitability for a sizeable proportion of the population. Neither barn is suitable for:

  • Any adult unable to cope confidently and safely with steps and/or open tread or spiral stairs.
  • Children or mobile babies and toddlers (babes in arms are very welcome)
  • Any adult requiring a living in carer, other than a partner who would expect to share the double bed/room

Each barn has one bedroom, with one double bed, upstairs:

  • The ensuite bathroom in both barns is approached through the only bedroom
  • There is no downstairs lavatory in either barn


  • We have a website All necessary information about the barns can be found there, including a copy of our Access Statement and other policies.
  • Bookings / enquiries can be made via:>/li>
    • email using either address: or
    • telephone: +44 (0)1335 390 519
    • mobile: 07813 686 899

Our remote rural situation

  • It is possible but only with difficulty, to cope without a car.
  • There is a very limited daily bus service, mainly into Ashbourne. The bus stop in the village is 450 metres from the barns.
  • The nearest mainline train stations are Derby or Chesterfield, both approximately 20 miles away.
  • The nearest taxi service, Ashbourne Taxis (tel: 01335 345 198) is in Ashbourne, 7 miles away.

Local services

  • We can arrange for shopping to be delivered on arrival.
  • We can arrange to do a midweek shop personally.
  • Fresh milk can be delivered every other day by the Gibson family (01335 310 250).
  • The village pub/shop (01335 390 212) is approximately 450 metres away. It is not accessible but a prior telephone call will mean someone could come to the door to serve you.
  • We can provide information in large print on request

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

  • There is a specially designated (uncovered) parking spot approximately 20 metres away from the barns, across the ‘farmyard’.
  • Guests can drive up to their front door to load and unload, but thereafter park in the car park.
  • The surface of the ‘farmyard’ is rough limestone hardcore, and fairly rustic, with some larger stones.
  • By prior agreement we would try to arrange for anyone who would find it difficult or impossible to walk across the farmyard to park by their front door.
  • We can always help by carrying heavy loads into the barns, or up the stairs.
  • Entrance through the front door to the ground floor of each barn would be possible for someone in a wheelchair.
  • There are two small steps to negotiate, each approximately 4 centimetres high, for which, with prior warning, we could arrange a ramp:
    • From the surface of the car park to the stone paving in front of the barns.
    • Through the front door

The Ground Floor in both barns

  • Open Plan Living Room
  • The doors are approximately 1M wide, opening inwards. They are heavy duty glass. The key hole is 80cm high.
  • There is a threshold of 4cm.

General (Internal)

  • Each barn has a Smoke Alarm fitted in the bedroom and the open plan living area.

Public Areas – WC

  • Not Available

Open Plan sitting room/dining kitchen

  • There are no doors downstairs, in either barn, other than the front door.
  • The dining area of the kitchen has a round pedestal table with a diameter of approx 1M.
  • The table can be moved to create necessary space
  • There are four armless, removable kitchen chairs
  • Downstairs flooring is quarry tiled throughout, with non slip rugs.
  • Furniture is moveable and all complies with fire safety regulations.
  • One double sofa with arms and one easy chair in each barn
  • Teletext and FreeSat TV provided with remote control (also available are DVD, stereo with CD, radio and tape)
  • A Sony Netbook with links already programmed to useful local sites is provided in each barn


  • There is no separate laundry but each barn has its own standard size washing facilities downstairs:
  • Tom’s Barn has a washer dryer, which is front loading, provided in the kitchen.
  • Douglas’s Barn has a washer with a separate dryer stacked on top, in the kitchen. Both are front loading.


  • Not Available

Leisure Facilities

  • Not Available

Outdoor Facilities

  • Not available

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

  • Not Available


Please note that access upstairs would be impossible for anyone with mobility difficulties. It would also be difficult for anyone with very limited vision, but we would do our best to minimize the risk and inconvenience

  • Stairs:
    • Tom’s Barn: Wooden open tread stairs, with handrail. There is a half landing.
    • Douglas’s Barn: Cast iron spiral stairs, with handrail
  • No door at the top of the stairs
  • King size 5ft bed provided in each barn.
  • Bed height: 48cm floor to top of mattress. The height cannot safely be adjusted.
  • Either feather or non-allergenic microfibre duvets and pillows can be provided
  • Mattress protector and pillow protectors are fitted
  • Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are cotton.
  • A small TV with remote control is provided in each of the two bedrooms.
  • Ensuite bathroom:
    • Tom’s Barn bath (whirlpool) is up two steps. Two handrails are provided but it is quite unsuitable for anyone with mobility or vertigo problems.
    • Douglas’s Barn bath is a normal (whirlpool) bath. One handrail is provided.
    • Douglas’s Barn has a power shower over the bath
  • Largest transfer space (not applicable):
    • Tom’s Barn: None. There is a low roof truss.
    • Douglas’s Barn available to both left or right of bed is 1 metre.
    • Douglas’s Barn bed is movable if more space is required to one side.

Bathroom & WC [Ensuite]

  • Tom’s Barn bath
    • Is up two steps. Two handrails are provided but it would be quite unsuitable for anyone with mobility or vertigo problems.
    • The door opens in
    • The bath itself is deep
    • The floor is tumbled marble tiles
  • Douglas’s Barn:
    • Door, opening out, is approximately 75cm wide
    • Bath is a normal (whirlpool) bath. One handrail is provided.
    • Douglas’s Barn has a fitted power non flexible shower over the bath. There is vertical hand rail fitted to the wall to enable access to the bath, but not one by the shower.
    • Douglas’s Barn bath has a flexible hand held spray extending from the end of the bath.
    • Bath height is 47 cm. There are no integral bath rails. There is one vertical rail fitted to the wall.
    • Free space in bathroom (free of doors and furniture) is 1 by 1.5 metres
    • Toilet seat height 45cm
    • Space to right of toilet is 50cm; there is more available space to the left.
    • Flooring is vinyl cushion floor.
    • Poor colour contrast between floor and walls.
    • No need to lock the door
    • Space under washbasin is free of pipes but there are open shelves

Self-Catering Kitchen/Diner

  • Kitchen open plan with sitting room (no door)
  • Worktop height 90cm.
  • Oven door is drop down, height of lowest shelf 1.12 metres, cannot be accessed from the side.
  • Sink is 88cm high with cupboards underneath
  • Hob is 90cm high and halogen
  • All flooring is quarry tiles
  • At least 1M free space between all furniture and worktops
  • Evenly, well lit kitchen in both barns with spotlights above work surfaces where required
  • Good contrast between floor, cupboards and other surfaces
  • Fridge with small freezer available in both barns:
    • highest shelf in fridge 125cm Tom’s Barn
    • highest shelf in fridge 150cm Tom’s Bar

Grounds and Gardens

  • Immediately outside each barn is a stone paved area, with potted plants which could be removed if necessary.
  • Outside each barn on the paved area is a table and two wooden chairs, with arms
  • The surface of the ‘farmyard’ outside the barns is rough limestone hardcore, fairly ‘rural’, with some larger stones.
  • Each barn has a separate sitting out area, across the yard:
    • Tom’s Barn garden is built on an old grain store, with a brick floor which over the centuries has become uneven. It is quite unsuitable for anyone with poor mobility or eyesight, who would be advised to use the area in front of the barn.
    • Douglas’s Barn has a newly stone paved area, raised from the ground. We have placed flower pots along the edge, but potentially someone could fall 30 centimeters or so onto the grass below.

Additional Information

  • Information folder is produced in size 14 font (can be audio on request).
  • There is no mobile phone reception in either barn but a normal telephone is provided for guests’ use.
  • In the event of fire, assuming we were not out, evacuation of the barns would be led by us, John and Marion, the owners, or by one of our employees.
  • Please let us know if you are unlikely to hear the fire alarm – a visual indicator can be obtained on request.
  • Both barns are no smoking.
  • Pets and service dogs are welcome in Tom’s Barn by prior agreement.

Contact Information

Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn
Orchard Farm

Telephone: 01335 390 519
Fax N/A


Local public transport numbers

  • Derbyshire Public Transport:
  • Traveline Public Transport info: 0871 200 22 33
  • Community Transport Information: 01335 300670
  • Midland Mainline train information: 08457 484950 Textphone:08457 078051
  • Taxi: Ashbourne Taxis 01335 345 198

Future Plans

  • We are very restricted in what further we can do to make our barns physically more accessible.
  • However, on a practical level, we will do what we can, after discussion with anyone wishing to visit, to accommodate their needs, by hiring equipment such as for example: a hearing loop.
  • We will print out any information in as large a font as is practicable, or make an audio tape of our basic facilities.

We welcome any suggestions to help us improve what we provide. If you have any suggestions please phone us on 01335 390 519 or email us at

John and Marion Fuller-Sessions
Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s Barn
Last reviewed 05 November 2012

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