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Romantic Cottages for Two – Tom’s Barn & Douglas’s Barn Videos

‘What we want to do is provide you the opportunity to have the best holiday ever.’

If you’ve stayed in one of our barns before, this new video will just be pure nostalgia. If you haven’t yet been here, we hope this will give you a flavour of pleasures in store.

Better still than any screen viewing, you could always come and stay to see it for real!

In our first video, shot in November 2009, and at the bottom of this page, we tried to show to show you what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that when you arrive in Tom’s Barn or Douglas’s Barn everything, is calm, spotless, warm and welcoming.

This time we wanted to show two things:
· A quick overview of what to expect when you stay in one of our two holiday cottages
· A little foretaste of what you might see and do nearby.

So – first we have a random tour of each cottage. We hope this will leave you understanding some of the appreciative comments our guests make and why these two luxury holiday cottages in particular are so well-loved. Unfortunately you can’t smell the flowers or the newly baked cake or even sense the calming atmosphere but take our word for it, it is there…

We hope you will be able to sense how well-equipped each is, meaning that you have little else to bring with you other than your toothbrush and other personal necessities for your happiness. If you’re in any doubt, clink on the appropriate inventories for each barn.

Secondly, we also wanted to give you a glimpse of your surroundings. So many people are unaware how beautiful the Derbyshire Peak District is; however much you are enjoying the comfort, peace and solitude of your own barn there will come a moment when you feel the need to venture out to explore and enjoy just some of the delights of this particularly lovely area of the Peak Park.

Of course everyone will have their own dream of what would be their ultimate perfect break. If you hanker after high heels, pizza parlours and all-night pubs and clubs you will realise that probably Orchard Farm, Parwich is not the place for you.

However, for many it is. Many of you have already found Tom’s Barn or Douglas’s Barn to be your ideal choice for the perfect romantic break for two (whatever their age or stage in life).

Whether any video can help convey that to others we doubt, but at least you can see that if your aim is to enjoy a romantic break in peace and comfort, in a beautiful rural setting far removed from all the harsher realities of life, you couldn’t do much better than start here.

After that, it’s up to you.

Peak Park Perfect

After our video pros, Simon Tyler and his son Mike, had finished the Romantic Cottages for Two in the Peak District video, even after painful and radical pruning we realised that it was going to be too long for some people to cope with.

So we came up with the idea of having a much shorter version, purely made from some of the ‘out takes’ (and even so there is masses we’d have loved to include), concentrating much more on the two barns and their immediate surroundings. This is it.

Tom’s Barn Luxury Self-Catering Derbyshire Peak District

This is our original video, shot in November 2009. A lot has already changed since then so we felt it important to have another (see above) but it is fun to keep the old one too.

In this video, we hoped to give a sense of the care we all take to make sure that for each and everyone of our many visitors – as far as possible – it is their ‘best holiday ever’.

However, we had to make some rapid disclaimers when this one appeared on our screen! Janet suffered agonies of mortification when Marion was filmed removing one of her Bakewell tarts from the well-used and not exactly gleaming Aga oven. Since then the Aga has joined spiders as one of the main targets in her campaign for a spider-free and spotless environment!

We also had to reassure everyone that, in spite of all appearances John NEVER smokes his pipe in the barns much as he might like to.

However, just in case, for the next filming our kitchen was rendered out of bounds to the crew’s camera, although the Friday morning bake as always still went on. And John still smokes his pipe (but not in the barns) and still trundles the wheelbarrow bearing loads of logs to Tom’s Barn each time. This was not filmed either…

It is meanwhile Marion who is now suffering agonies of mortification, every time she hears her voice but unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do about that.


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