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Caring for the Environment: Holidaying Responsibly

Top Tips for Our Tom’s and Douglas’s Barn Guests:

Holidaying Responsibly

There are a number of important things we all can do that make real sense and are easy and satisfying to achieve.

Recycling household rubbish:

We are very grateful to all our guests who so patently help us by sorting this into the appropriate bins outside:

The food waste green caddy is collected every week, early on Wednesday morning.

Everything else is collected literate Wednesdays: the blue and green bins one week, the black non-recyclable  the next.

Using electricity wisely:

  1. Set the central heating timer to come on (only) when you need the heat
  2. Run the central heating at a comfortable temperature, but not too hot…
  3. …It is too hot if you need to open windows while the heating and/or fire is on
  4. Use the individual radiator thermostatic controls
  5. Pop some stew ingredients in the slow cooker before you go out for a walk. When you return some five hours later a totally delicious aroma and some hearty, nourishing food will greet you. We are making a recipe collection so please let us have any favourite ideas if you don’t mind sharing them.
  6. Rather than using the tumble dryer, if the sun is shining, hang your washing on the whirligig at the side of the house.
  7. Don’t boil more water than you need at a time: with our Eco-kettles you can safely boil just a cupful of water.
  8. Don’t leave the telly etc on standby when you go out or to bed – turn everything off (except the cooker and microwave which would need resetting).

Giving your car a rest: (quite a fun challenge!)

  1. Enjoy all the wonderful walks available to you right from the doorstep
  2. Consult the bus timetable and take a leisurely trip into Ashbourne
  3. Use the village pub and shop, or the Parwich British Legion
  4. See how many other pubs you can reach on foot from the village
  5. Place an online order with Waitrose to be delivered before you arrive
  6. Order a veggie box (and/or fruit, meat, milk etc) from Riverford (they deliver here on Fridays)
  7. Walk to Tissington to buy your meat, bacon and sausages
  8. Borrow our bikes
  9. Borrow our tennis rackets and play on the courts just below us
  10. Ask us for a lift (we do have to use our car sometimes)

 Please let us know if we can help you in any way at all, and thank you for helping us.


Angela and Robert Roebuck

Tom’s Barn and Douglas’s barn

Last Reviewed 20 November 2016


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