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New… Video Update

Nick, Euge and Lisa bending over the camera IMG_6651

Eugene, Lisa and Nick

The suspense is building up. After all the flurry of the weekend of filming there is absolute quiet but sooner or later the silence will be broken, and I no doubt will be cringing silently at the sound of my voice droning on speaking brightly in the background… about our barns.

Hopefully nobody else will take any notice of that, and let’s hope the video will help provide a good and honest pictue of what you can expect when you stay here in Tom’s or Douglas’s Barns. We already have three videos, taken over the years, but every year we spruce things up and change things a bit and we felt it was time to have a new video showing things as they are now. We gave the contract to our son and two colleague who are professional video makers amongst other similar skills. They came up here from London laden with kit, their own and special lights and photographic equipment hired for the shoot, including a jib so they could get some shots from (sort of) on high.

Videoing the kitchen in Douglas's Barn

Filming Douglas’s Barn kitchen

How hard the three worked! And John and I worked pretty hard too, in the background. Our brief to the crew – Nick, Lisa and Eugene, was to create a short but informative video with no frills, giving a good idea of what guests can expect. We stressed the ‘no frills’ aspect, that we did not want to create a false impression. (We have all gone to quite ordinary places that look nothing like the spacious, luxurious photos we have admired beforehand. We always feel unreasonably pleased when guests arrive and say “Gosh! It’s much better than it looks on the website!”

I fear we may possibly have overstressed this aspect, because when we cam to tidy up afterwards we found tasteful throws (always there) stowed away in cupboards, and things like the Radio Times and Derbyshire Life we always leave out had been neatly tidied up and away out of sight!

Viewing the exterior of Tom's and Douglas's Barns, in the sunshine

Videoing the exterior in the sunshine

So rather than taking things with a pinch of salt, you may have to add a pinch of salt to the views. We’ll see. Anyway, I am being a bit flippant but really we were deeply impressed by the approach of the three video makers, who worked so hard and thoroughly professionally. You begin to see why even a shortish film in the cinema costs so much, when two solid days of filming will boil down to two or three minutes of viewing. And this didn’t involve actors – apart from the dreaded cake baking shot in our kitchen – just inanimate objects in inanimate rooms but still lenses had to be adjusted, heavy lights and equipment had to be manhandled and kept out of cameraview and all within quite a tight space.

So tight that John and I, probably luckily, couldn’t squeeze in to watch or provide well-intentioned suggestions. So we await with as much suspense as the next person.

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  • Availability in June Tom’s Barn

    Due to unforeseen circumstances Tom’s Barn is now available 24 June to 1 July 2016.

  • Short Breaks available in May

    Douglas’s Barn is available to book for short breaks 3 or 4 nights between 2 and 20 May 2016. Bookings usually start on a Monday or a Friday but if you want a break that starts on a different day get in touch. We are very flexible with bookings.

  • Additional attractions with Privilege Card

    There are some new attractions added to the list of treats available with the Premier Cottages special privileges card. Amongst them are Renishaw Hall, Thornbridge Hall Gardens (new discounts), Hassop Station Cafe, Village Green Cafe Eyam, Carsington Water Sports and Leisure, Hartington Cheese Shop.

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